Tips and tricks for hiring in the automotive industry

unemployed_need_workDuring the recessing, the automotive industry took a huge hit, and many lost their jobs. Now, after a long and hard economic crisis, we are getting some news that claim that the auto industry is back on the rise, and with it, new jobs are opening up. The car manufacturers wish to restock those positions in core departments that were emptied during the financial shock of 2008: marketing, product planning, sales, administration and distribution. Also, the new never before seen positions are opening up in the field of digital marketing and information technology.

With all that said, it is clear that the people in the automotive industry will not just hire anyone. They are looking for educated and skillful people who could improve their business and operation and bring something new to their team. But, what type of a person are they really looking for?Educated-women-are-less-likely-to-divorce.2

The people of the automotive industry claim that it is hard to find qualified employees. This is, in part; due to the fact than not many universities teach power electronics, a very important discipline in the industry of creating modern electronic cars of today. Cars will only get more complicated and with more electronic parts, so, the person who understands this topic goes to the very top of the list for hiring in the automotive industry.

The bosses in the automotive industry also claim that people should be multidisciplinary if they wish to be hired by this industry. Also, people need to be team players. They need to be players who are willing to work in interdisciplinary groups that deal with communication, electric power, computers and many other disciplines. So, becoming a jack of all trades increases the ability to get hired in the automotive industry and to receiving better positions, with of course, better salaries.iStock_000013842433_Medium

It was also suggested that a person should also try to get hired not in a big auto-company, but in some of the companies that serve this industry. Some of these companies are huge supply companies that have their own research and development facilities, in which a person can learn and get a practice, which would enable him to land a job in a big auto-company in the future. Or, one could stay in that supply company, which is also a part of the automotive industry.

As we have seen, the automotive industry is back on the rise. The number of sold cars is increasing by the day, and as the supply gets bigger, the automotive industry needs more skillful people to work in it. However, there is no easy way to land a job in this industry. It requires work and time, but also, some tips and tricks can’t hurt. It is these tips and tricks that might help you land a job in the automotive industry, an industry that once again is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.

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